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April 26, 2010

So last week was a bit eventful: I became a Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry.  My exam was on Friday, and quite honestly I don’t think I’d ever been more stressed in my life.  To blow off steam earlier in the week I took a walk out to the pedestrian railway bridge along the River Cam with a friend, who graciously acted as a model as I attempted to learn to shoot people.  Maybe one day I’ll have a Jay Manuel-type (à la American’s Next Top Model) to act as art director to style the shoot! Until then, it was all one the two of us to figure it out.  In the interests of anonymity, no face shots here.  Comments welcome!



April 19, 2010

I woke up this morning to the sound of some ducks quacking up a storm.  I admit, I was a little bit annoyed at first (“Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!”), but when I drew the curtains I immediately felt a pang of guilt.  I was greeted by over a dozen wee ducklings and their parents (I assume) waddling around my back door.  I squealed with delight and ran for my camera.  Why is it that everything small is cute? And fluffy?


More springtime around the Bridge

April 13, 2010

Another sunny day!  And another reason to abandon studying and explore.  These are images from atop Castle Mound (the highest point in Cambridge, I think) and from Castle/Bridge street.  The ever ominous University Library actually seems pretty from this distance. (It is a very distinct  feeling than being in the stacks, looking for a journal and wondering if you’ll ever see daylight again…) I wished more people would be out on Castle Mound, but only two distant strangers were perched there.



April 8, 2010

My housemate was fixing his bike today.  I had nothing better to do (read: couldn’t face reading chemistry textbooks) and wanted to test out my 75-300 mm zoom lens.  It’s amazing!  It can see better, and in more detail, than I can.  These were all taken at a fair distance — to both avoid getting bicycle grease on me, and to avoid getting in the way of a man while he works.   Also, since I know nothing about bikes I saw tyres being changed and the brake line thing being rethreaded.  Education.


Springtime, The Bridge

April 7, 2010

It’s springtime here in Cambridge and there is no better time of the year.  This is mainly because we are blessed with a brief spell of colour and light in between winters (actual winter, and the “summer”).  The flowers are out, the sky is often blue and the days are noticeably longer. I love it and I want it to last forever.  I went for a walk on Monday afternoon through St John’s and Jesus, and here are a few shots.  I was trying to capture the great clouds; the sky was a mixture of ominous grey and clear blue.  I also love the “Thinker” statue at Jesus College.  It sits under a massive tree with drooping branches so I think in summer time it’s invisible, covered by foliage.  It isn’t the strangest bit of art in the college though. I think that prize goes to the giant dinosaurs in Library Court…


Stuff at home

April 5, 2010

Since I’m currently studying for my viva (18 days, and counting) I’m at home a lot, trapped in my room under a pile of books.  My study breaks have to be suitably different to keep me motivated, and to keep me from going mad.  I started with Elmo, on a recent trip to Sydney, where I was just experimenting with the macro.  It’s strange how the things in your home can be made to look arty if you apply a little bit of light, shadow or b&w.  I really do like looking at things up close.  This is probably a result of my short sightedness and general curiosity. Or maybe something else entirely.


Changi butterflies

April 3, 2010

The very last thing I saw in Singapore was naturally the airport. Changi is an amazing airport (rated the best in the world, take that Heathrow) with three terminals which boast many shops, restaurants and facilities like the ever important free cinema and showers.  It’s the long-haul traveller’s dream.

Maybe the oddest, but probably the coolest, feature is the butterfly garden at T3. It was a great testing ground for me to play with my macro lens — and provided a chance for me to look at the faces of these beautiful creatures.  I particularly love the ones which chose to rest on the red gerberas.