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The other Paris.

June 28, 2010

Paris, Texas is located about 160 km northeast of Dallas. Its population is around the 30,000 mark but it was hard to imagine as there was virtually no one about. This most likely has something to do with it being Sunday; only two places were open as far as I could tell — one of the many antique stores, and Nancy’s Cafe (which provided the biggest, heaviest meal-with-a-smile I’ve had in a long time. Or ever.)  The antique store was filled with some crazy Texan-themed bits and bobs, but also provided a good helping of American cultural references from years gone by.  I particularly was amused by the John Wayne toilet paper!  Of course, the reason for visiting Paris is arguably its very own tower.  I was whole-heartedly disappointed to discover this is the thing in the world that is not bigger in Texas.  But the hat? Nice touch.


Notes from across the Atlantic, part 1.

June 22, 2010

I have moved to the US! This has been the reason for the lack of posts recently. I now live in Dallas, Texas. It’s very different to Cambridge, not surprisingly. I actually haven’t really looked around “Big D” much, and this weekend I went to Maryland to visit some good friends.  It was nice to be in a small town again, and to walk around was such a treat. (Dallas is not pedestrian-friendly, again no surprises there.)  These are some shots from Frederick, MD (“Fredneck” — does every American town have a nickname?!)… The streets were quaint, and littered with boutique shops. I’m told DCers escape here for the weekends, and I fully appreciate why. There were hints of America everywhere: for example, the stars were bolted to a building on the main street, opposite a fire station.  I loved the man stealing an afternoon nap in the sun, but I loved the ice water a lot more.  It’s very, very hot here.