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National Day of the Cowboy.

July 26, 2010

Yeehaw!  July 24 is the National Day of the Cowboy.  I know, I know: it sounds much like some sort of made up day for the purpose of selling cowboys hats and lassos and whatnot to as wide a market as possible.  But this is Texas. And cowboys are Really Important here.  It seemed the only way to spend my day was with them and those who love them.  Watching a cattle drive.  Trying on cowboy boots. Listening to country music. Attending a rodeo. Yes, you heard (herd?) me.  I’m not going to lie to you, I thought the whole thing was bizarre. But they all seemed to be loving it.  Maybe there is something truly delightful about watching a young man (and some were really young!) being shrugged off the shoulders of a very angry horse. Much to the amusement of the Native Texan I was sitting next to at the rodeo, I was only horrified.


Around the block.

July 24, 2010

I’ve been exceptionally bad at taking time to use my camera this month.  There are a number of reasons – the major being my inability to travel around and see Dallas (I don’t have a car yet).  That self-loathing feeling hit me with such force last night as the setting sun filled the sky with beautiful shades of orange that I felt compelled to just walk out my front door and start shooting.  I do not live in a very nice neighbourhood (Oh! Cambridge, how I miss you!), and I do not think these photos have anything significant to say. But, they do represent where I am at the moment, literally — a quiet street with a post office next door.