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There’s something about That Town.

October 8, 2010

I had a discussion with a friend a few weeks ago about how American culture is taking over the world — from food to music to fashion.  Maybe that’s true; I’m not sure, and I’m unwilling to make a statement either way.  I was humming that Jay-Z and Alicia Keys song and she exclaimed — Exactly! What, she said, could be more American than New York?  Well, hang on there; New York is the stereotypical melting pot! New Yorkers are everything, including American; isn’t that part of its charm? Admittedly, I was speaking mainly by what I’d heard and read of the city, as up until a few days ago I’d never been there to see for myself.  But now that I have, and I can say without pause that New York is everyone’s city.  No one cares where you’re from, because, as another friend put it, everyone’s from somewhere. Looking at it another way: when you’re in New York you are member of the outsiders’ club. And everyone’s welcome.  Now I totally understand what the big deal about New York is. And it’s just as well that it’s totally indescribable. What a city!