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It’s in the box.

November 15, 2011

It’s no secret that I love cake. This love actually extends to most of the baked-goods family, from bread to biscuits.  For my last birthday, my Parisian then-housemate gave me what I can only describe as The. Best. Thing. Ever.  A box of joy from the famous Parisian patisserie, Ladurée. The joy was not just the contents (an array of macarons), now that I think of it. The joy was the distinctive mint-coloured box with gold leaf. The joy was the ribbon. The joy was unravelling the ribbon and lifting the lid. The joy was the colours, the flavours, and the sugar rush. Next time you are lucky enough to visit Paris (or London, Milan or New York), visit Ladurée. I promise you, you will not regret it.



Stuff at home

April 5, 2010

Since I’m currently studying for my viva (18 days, and counting) I’m at home a lot, trapped in my room under a pile of books.  My study breaks have to be suitably different to keep me motivated, and to keep me from going mad.  I started with Elmo, on a recent trip to Sydney, where I was just experimenting with the macro.  It’s strange how the things in your home can be made to look arty if you apply a little bit of light, shadow or b&w.  I really do like looking at things up close.  This is probably a result of my short sightedness and general curiosity. Or maybe something else entirely.