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January 21, 2013

I took this photo in mid-December 2012. I was walking around St. Paul’s Cathedral with a friend, and this reflection (on the surface of a sculpture) caught my eye. Given the equipment I had with me at the time, it was the only way I could capture the whole cathedral. I particularly love how the curvature of the sculpture renders the cathedral to look as if it has melted. I won’t think too deeply about what that might mean!



It’s in the box.

November 15, 2011

It’s no secret that I love cake. This love actually extends to most of the baked-goods family, from bread to biscuits.  For my last birthday, my Parisian then-housemate gave me what I can only describe as The. Best. Thing. Ever.  A box of joy from the famous Parisian patisserie, Ladurée. The joy was not just the contents (an array of macarons), now that I think of it. The joy was the distinctive mint-coloured box with gold leaf. The joy was the ribbon. The joy was unravelling the ribbon and lifting the lid. The joy was the colours, the flavours, and the sugar rush. Next time you are lucky enough to visit Paris (or London, Milan or New York), visit Ladurée. I promise you, you will not regret it.



The power of cake.

July 24, 2011

I love cake: baking cake,  gifting cake, eating cake. When you’ve traveled a long distance, and haven’t seen your friends and family for a long time, there’s nothing more enjoyable than catching up with coffee and cake. That’s what I recently did, both in Wellington, New Zealand and Sydney, Australia.  The first wee cupcake  I had was a gift from my bestie, which she picked up from Tempt in the Old Bank Arcade.


The next lot (five cakes and eight macarons in total were gleefully consumed) were sourced from my favourite Sydney patisserie: Adriano Zumbo.  Zumbo is Australia’s premier cake artiste, and he creates some wonderfully strange things. We had, amongst other things, a lemon cheesecake with avocado cream cheese (“ave a avo”), a pandan mousse with kaffir lime and coconut (“don the pandan man”) and a white chocolate mousse with coriander cremeaux, peanut caramel, dried chilli sable and almond sponge (“enter the dragon”). The names of the cakes are as beautiful as their taste and presentation. They didn’t last long.



From my cold, dead hand?

August 15, 2010

I’ve never been a fan of guns; I wasn’t raised in a culture where they were lauded, sought after.  But I don’t fear guns, either. Or at least I didn’t think I did because I was never around guns: where I come from they can’t just be purchased from the local corner store or where ever it is that you can get them from here in the US (I’m told Wal-Mart has stopped selling them).  I jokingly said that I would take hand gun lessons when I moved to Texas – you know, to be like a local.  So, off I went to the local gun club (very local, only two minutes down the road!) and the moment I walked in and saw the guns hung up on the walls, heard the bullets popping and witnessed the cool, calm, collected behaviour of the shop attendant my heart leapt into my throat and proceeding to beat at a rate I can’t purposefully achieve with a hard session of cardio at the gym.  But I didn’t waiver (Charlton Heston would have been proud, not that I particularly care for him or his pride), I loaded the chamber (I rented a Magnum .38)  and fired a single shot at the paper man-target. And that was me done.  I spent the rest of the hour taking photos of my braver companions. That’s the kind of shooting I prefer.


Around the block.

July 24, 2010

I’ve been exceptionally bad at taking time to use my camera this month.  There are a number of reasons – the major being my inability to travel around and see Dallas (I don’t have a car yet).  That self-loathing feeling hit me with such force last night as the setting sun filled the sky with beautiful shades of orange that I felt compelled to just walk out my front door and start shooting.  I do not live in a very nice neighbourhood (Oh! Cambridge, how I miss you!), and I do not think these photos have anything significant to say. But, they do represent where I am at the moment, literally — a quiet street with a post office next door.


Flower power.

May 30, 2010

I was feeling like hitting the macro lens today. Not many subjects about though, so I went for everyone’s easiest subject: the flowers in the garden.  It was a good excuse to get out into the fresh air after yesterday’s rain.  I’ve also included some older flower shots as well, because they haven’t been shown before.


Stuff at home

April 5, 2010

Since I’m currently studying for my viva (18 days, and counting) I’m at home a lot, trapped in my room under a pile of books.  My study breaks have to be suitably different to keep me motivated, and to keep me from going mad.  I started with Elmo, on a recent trip to Sydney, where I was just experimenting with the macro.  It’s strange how the things in your home can be made to look arty if you apply a little bit of light, shadow or b&w.  I really do like looking at things up close.  This is probably a result of my short sightedness and general curiosity. Or maybe something else entirely.